Oscar Pistorius Images Show Bloody Scene Of Killing

From all the evidence, it seems like this was no accident. Oscar Pistorius must be brought to justice.


Rape in India: A Huge controversial issue – American Woman allegedly gang-raped in India: Left-Wing Perspective

Judging from the title of this blog you can probably guess what it is about immediately. If you are aware of what’s happening in India recently you will know that this should not be considered surprising whatsoever. What’s been happening in India is nothing short of a horrible tragedy. Why are so many innocent people being victims of rape in this country? Is it because of poverty, lack of education, a corrupt government, lack of morals or a mixture of all factors? Honestly though, I fail to comprehend why this is happening so frequently in India and not in other nations around the world? I understand that this country is developing and a majority of the population is living in poverty but it still boggles my mind the excessive amount of rapes that are occurring in this nation. It’s not only the amount of rapes that shocks me but the severity of these rapes is absolutely disgusting and appalling. The majority of the rape victims in these cases are women of all different ethnicities. Why do many men in this nation treat women like absolute dirt? I wonder how the people who commit these crimes would feel if something terrible like rapes and sexual assaults happened to the women in their lives? How would they feel if their mothers, sisters, or aunts were affected by this? I’m pretty sure they would never want anything like that to happen. This recent news is about an American woman who was allegedly gang-raped after she accepted a ride with 3 men in a truck. Despite the women’s poor decision in getting into the van with shady people late at night, what those men did was completely inexcusable as well as disgusting. “Violent rapes in India have made headlines recently. A 4-year-old girl died after being sexually assaulted by a 35-year-old man in Ghansaur in April, and a 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped two weeks earlier in New Delhi. Two men were arrested in that case. Six men are facing rape and burglary charges after allegedly raping a Swiss tourist in March. And a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi in December and later died of her injuries.” The fact that men are doing this to children as well as adults makes these cases even more vulgar. As a left-winger I’m all about equality and rights for both women and men but it seems like India will never achieve equality among both genders. I feel that in order to really stop these acts or decrease the amount of them is to start educating at a young age. Educating young males about respecting females and controlling their hormones is something every country should do. Sometimes I feel like many of the men are sexually frustrated and don’t know how to deal with the frustration in a healthy manner. It seems like these men also lack the will to properly communicate with women in order to form any sort of romantic relationship! Also a big factor in these rapes has to be poverty, because of so many poor people in India; these people don’t have access to education and don’t know what’s morally right and wrong. If India does not start to do something about these heinous crimes, more innocent women will suffer! The time is now for the government and the rest of Indian society to step up and teach the youth before they fall into the same vicious cycle. 




Turkish Protestors: Not another Syria hopefully? – Left Wing Perspective of Situation

I am all for peaceful protests and demonstrations where people have the ability to voice their opinions to others in a nice manner. I feel that everyone should be able to speak their mind and tell the higher powers what changes need to be implemented in order to help society. That being said I feel that that both demonstrators and public authorities, specifically the police, should never go overboard when it comes to protests. I feel that both sides take each other much too seriously and what ends up happening is that both sides reputations are tarnished and numerous people get hurt. What I fear most of all is for a protest to get out of hand to the point where it leads to physical violence. I think we can all agree that what is happening in Syria right now is nothing short of a tragedy which can easily be prevented. In that situation the trouble began two years ago in the city of Deraa. Citizens went to protest after 15 schoolchildren had been arrested and reportedly tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. The protests started off very peaceful, calling for the kids’ release, democracy and greater freedom and rights for people in the country. The Syrian government had a negative response, and on 18 March killed 4 people after open firing on the crowd of protestors. People were obviously were shocked and appalled that their own government could this type of heinous crime. All the protestors wanted were better freedom, rights, and democracy; but after these events many people wanted President Assad to step down as President of Syria. What is happening in Turkey right now hopefully never escalates into a major civil war and causes a huge number of deaths. In Turkey there have also been anti-government demonstrations which have grabbed headlines in the news recently. The demonstrators’ enemy are the security forces who unleashed tear gas and water cannons on them in response to what had been basically very peaceful protests against the Prime Minister’s government. 3195 people were injured in the clashes, with 26 of them in serious or critical condition. Because of the police’s actions this drove the protesters to fight back. International groups including Amnesty International have criticized the police for their actions as extremely unnecessary. Overall, I feel that the police have no right to use such violence against the citizens of their own country! Things like protests should be handled appropriately and without violence before they escalate into something major… like war. 





Flushed Down Toilet: Chinese Baby Survives – Left Wing Perspective on Treatment of Infants/Children

In this day and age, there is nothing worse than seeing children suffer or go through any sort of physical, mental, or emotional trauma, especially babies. I feel that in the news when hear stories of young infants getting injured or dying, it’s something that deeply affects all of us because those infants could not do anything to prevent those events from occurring. These infants don’t have a choice on what happens to them because they can’t do anything at those ages. It really makes me sick to my stomach when I see horrible things on social networking sites happening to infants and hearing and seeing it on the news. Now, don’t get me wrong, terrible things should not occur to anyone; but when it happens to little children and babies I think everyone gets a little more emotional which is very justified. Now this specific case is something that is possibly accidental, but I don’t believe it from the evidence. Why would the mom ever think about flushing even after she sees him in the toilet?! I personally cannot condone her actions at all! In Beijing, a Chinese baby boy was found in a toilet pipe; yes you read it right, a toilet pipe! Tenants in an East China apartment building heard the cry of this young infant and luckily rescuers were able to pull the child free by sawing away the pipe piece by piece. Luckily, this baby is in stable condition and is drinking formula.  It’s funny that this news of his survival is gaining worldwide attention, but in China it didn’t really grab the attention of mainstream Chinese media. This kind of shows that infant /child neglect and abuse happens in countries like China, India, African countries, and other developing countries very frequently. The fact of the matter is that things like this happen all the time and I would think the majority of the time the infants suffer. This boy was probably one of the few lucky cases who managed to survive. In North American society infants and children are treated with utmost love, compassion, and care because the families know how many kids they want and provide those kids with all the necessities and resources to succeed in life. In third-world, developing, and industrializing countries people are usually very poor that is why they have as much kids as possible to help make money and support the family. To be honest I feel children should never be made just for the purpose of working or providing financial support. Children should be loved, nurtured, and treated with utmost kindness. I hope that these poorer countries will learn and start treating these infants and youth with respect and love.



Mayor Rob Ford: Left-Wing Perspective of his Antics

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline (Photo credit: Bobolink)

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about the allegations against the mayor of Toronto, Mr. Rob Ford. There was a video that surfaced on the internet which showed Ford smoking what looks like crack cocaine. Now there has been a lot of media attention as well as lot of criticism against the mayor of Toronto not only now but countless times before. Even if you try to sympathize with the mayor and try to put yourself into his shoes, there is no doubt that he has not done his job efficiently enough. The careful words of politicians should always be put into careful consideration. Rob Ford stated that, “he does not use crack cocaine and is  not addicted to it.” For a typical person who never smoked crack cocaine, that person would be absolutely outraged and would say something like, “I have never smoked crack cocaine in my life nor to do I tend to so!” with a lot of emphasis, volume, and emotion. If Rob Ford truly did not smoke crack cocaine why did he respond to the media so simply and without any emotion or feeling. His wording suggests that he did smoke crack cocaine but perhaps does not do it on a consistent basis.  Since this statement, Ford has seen five staff members depart from his office. Fishy? I think that’s a major understatement. Rob Ford calling the media “a bunch of maggots” is not only uncalled for, but completely unprofessional and puts his job in jeopardy.  As an individual with a left-wing perspective of this man and his actions, I feel that it is very hard to sympathize with Ford when he doesn’t handle the problems he gets into with maturity and logic. A man who is supposed to be in charge of one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in the world cannot act this immature and childish. His actions as well as the actions of those who are close to him seem very shady to say the least. If Rob Ford truly did not smoke crack cocaine he would have immediately pursued legal action against the Toronto Star and other media sources as any truly innocent person would have.  With all that being said, I don’t think Rob Ford is a bad person, just an unprofessional politician who made a few made decisions.  I’ve read about how Rob strove to become Toronto’s mayor “to prove something—to his dad, his people, his brothers, everybody.” His story becoming a politician is truly a great one especially during 2010. During that time Rob Ford remained focused on beating people in debates and delivering excellent campaigns. But like lots of politicians when you become elected sometimes the people get to see a different side of you. Like the cliché phrase, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” This quote is extremely true because Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto yet he has let all of these bad things happen and has not taken responsibility for these actions. Even if the video of him smoking crack was not true, he should have handled it with a lot more maturity.



English: Rob Ford, Toronto City Councillor and...
English: Rob Ford, Toronto City Councillor and candidate for Mayor in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A pile of crack cocaine ‘rocks’
A pile of crack cocaine ‘rocks’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oscar Pistorius Case: Left Wing Perspective on Athletes and their Influence

Athletes are absolutely amazing people who work extremely hard to achieve their sports dreams in life. They train day in and day out to be the best and stop at nothing from achieving that goal. These type of people need motivation, dedication, an extremely good work ethic, and utmost desire. Many of these athletes become huge role-models because of the power and influence today’s media has on the world. People like Sidney Crosby, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer are quite well known in the world because of their many accomplishments in the world of sports. These figures are quite popular and have a major impact on the people everywhere, specifically youth and children. That is why when we hear these athletes, whether they’re well-known or not, doing negative things ranging from minor to major, it grabs our attention no matter what. Like us, they are still human and humans are bound to make mistakes and have flaws because the fact of the matter is that no one is perfect. That being said, the Oscar Pistorius case is something that really intrigues me because it is not a regular case where an athlete swears at the media, cheats on his wife, or is found doing drugs, it is a cold-blooded murder case. How can a man who overcame so much (had prosthetic legs) and gained international fame from being the first amputee to win an able-bodied world track medal fall from grace so far? With all the fame, awards, accolades, praise from fans, what causes a person to commit murder? I always thought people who had nothing to lose were the only ones who could kill someone else. It is absolutely shocking that a successful Olympian could do this. I’m pretty sure this case has gained enough media attention but I’ll discuss briefly what this man did to destroy his reputation as an athlete and person so fast. On February 14 2013, Pistorius was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, whom he had fatally shot at his home early that morning. He was granted bail eight days later and must appear before court in June 2013. Oscar claimed that he thought his girlfriend was an intruder but there was sufficient evidence proving that her death was not accidental. Pistorius had later been charged with premeditated murder and his trial is in no doubt to gain worldwide attention and exposure. The thing about this type of story is it is truly a very tragic one not only for Oscar’s reputation and the innocent woman who died, but for the rest of the world. A man that was once regarded as highly respectable and accomplished so much despite hardship committing a terrible atrocity like a murder is really sad for the rest of the world. Stories like Oscar’s (before he committed murder) inspire, give hope, and give people the idea that anything is possible if you work hard for your dreams. That is why I feel that him killing his girlfriend negatively affected the world, not just him and his girlfriend.


 Oscar-Pistorius girlfriend

Left Wing Perspective: Thoughts on Recent Terrorist Attacks and Religion

Like any normal, logical, right-minded person, I cannot stand terrorism and the people who carry out these vicious, violent, senseless acts. These people live to put fear into the hearts of innocent people and endorse what they feel is right in the world. It’s quite ironic how most terrorist attacks try to justify their actions by saying it was for the benefit of humanity or is one of God’s many orders. In reality, what these people feel is a positive display of how passionate they are about an issue, is nothing but a selfish, senseless act of evil. When people see these acts being committed in the media I would think that 99% of the time, no one would sympathize with the conspirators. People would just get extremely angry, sad, depressed, miserable, and feel many more negative emotions. They may develop a feeling of hatred towards a specific group of people because of what that group committed. I think everyone should keep in mind that every ethnic group has a group of extremist idiots who think their religion and ethnicity is the best or should be the only one followed. People should also keep aware of the media’s influence over them. If they constantly see images of Muslim people committing atrocities, they will develop feelings of animosity towards these people. They should come to the understanding that the media may be biased and may cover mainly issues in the Middle East, where in reality terrible deeds are being committed by people of all sorts of ethnicities and cultures. What terrorists get out of committing violent, cruel deeds is a sense of belonging, a feeling that their issue is being seen by the whole world, they feel powerful and almighty that people finally care about what they’re trying to endorse. The Boston Bombings, the attack on a British Soldier in England, and the recent attack on the soldier in France shows that these terrorists have one thing in common, they want their messages and what they feel is right to be broadcasted to the world. I feel that stopping these terrorist attacks all together is something one person cannot do on their own. To accomplish a feat like this, a collective effort is needed by all. In all of these cases, religion has been a huge factor. People often get too caught up in it and instead of bringing people together; it divides them, which is the ironic truth. Sometimes I feel that the only solution to this problem is to have only one religion followed by everyone, or no religion at all. But realistically, something like that can never happen. The only solution is for people to be educated at a young age to respect everyone’s religion, culture, and race, and treat each individual with respect. If we start and continue these teachings, I’m sure we will be on the right path to stopping terrorism once and for all.



Left Wing Perspective: The Power of the FBI and the Boston Bombings

Boston Marathon 2013 - Aftermath
Boston Marathon 2013 – Aftermath (Photo credit: jeffcutler)
FBI Badge & gun.
FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually a marathon is a joyous time where people are united and come together to raise money for some sort of charity. It is an absolutely amazing time where different people come together for one great event. No one would imagine that something terrible would occur at a marathon. Unfortunately a specific group of individuals decided to spread chaos and fear into the hearts of innocent runners and bystanders by planting bombs at this marathon, killing 3 and injuring hundreds of others. Things like this are not supposed to happen in society these days. Acts of terrorism affecting large populations of people are probably one of the worst things humanity can do. When it comes to these acts of terrorism it’s easy to say simply that terrorists are horrible people and deserve to not live. But in reality we as humans should focus on the reasons why people commit acts of terror like this. We should be able to deal with these types of people appropriately and not let our emotions get the better of us. The recent news of a man suspected to be related with the Boston bombings being killed by a FBI agent is certainly a very controversial issue. Look, I understand this event was a horrible tragedy and should have not happened at all. But that doesn’t mean everyone in the United States should go berserk and kill everyone that is related to the Bombings. Ibragim Todashev apparently attacked an FBI agent with a knife, which made the agent shoot Todashev in retaliation. So far, no connection has been made between Todashev and the Boston Bombings, even though the FBI is looking into the many connections between Todashev and Deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, which led to the bombings. In times of agony, people sometimes are driven to things out of their nature because they were in the heat of the moment. I think that is exactly what happened here. This suspect could have been further interrogated and could have gave the FBI a better understanding of the Bombings at Boston, but because of irrational decisions caused by what I feel are emotionally distressed people, people will never know the entire truth. The United States should do a better job in dealing with terrorists and psychotic killers instead of jumping the gun.



Canadian Left-Wing View on Conflict in Syria

Obvious damage to buildings
Obvious damage to buildings

Syria right now in the world is in a state of utter chaos… One would think that in this day and age things like civil war would be resolved quickly and the International community would step in. However, this is not the case whatsoever. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions have been displaced from this war-torn country. The dispute is basically between President Assad’s regime and the Rebel forces who do not agree with the way the country is being run under Assad’s administration. The fact that the violence between both sides is continuing to this very second and the nation itself has been inhabitable is an absolutely insane thought. The main target of these senseless acts of violence has to be the many innocent civilians. Some of whom do not support either side in this ordeal. Being a Canadian left-wing individual I strongly believe in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Within this document are many rights and freedoms that are being denied to Syria right now. The right to live peacefully, the right to freedom, and the right to have an education are just some of the many rights being infringed upon right now in Syria. The fact that the UN and the international community has not done anything to stop this ongoing battle is absolutely blasphemous and really shows their lack of urgency to do anything. The fact that the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council have been vetoed by members China and Russia is something that really shocks me. Just because these two members have the power to reject any proposal why does the UN not do anything at all to help Syria? Just because Russia has a relationship with President Assad’s regime, does it mean the UN and the rest of the international community can just stop and do nothing?! Also helping either side win the war over the other is no effective solution either… If a country helps either the rebel or Assad’s regime, more people are just going to inevitably end up hurt or killed. What really should be done is getting rid of both groups and making sure the general public of Syria are okay by sending in armed troops. One overwhelming fact is that  the number of refugees who’ve fled the conflict has reached one million, half of which are children! Either both sides have to come to some sort of agreement and ceasefire or the UN and the international community must step in; for the future of Syria and the future of its people.